Learn Persian through the Qabus-Nameh

The "Qābus-nāme," authored by Keykāvus b. Eskandar b. Qābus b. Vošmgir, is a renowned Mirror for Princes, and is considered as one of the masterpieces of Classical Persian wisdom literature. Keykāvus, born around 412/1021, was a prince of the Ziarid dynasty, which ruled the Caspian coastland of Ṭabarestān. During this ASPIRANTUM course, we will study this unique text, read significant portions from it, and endeavor to understand its grammatical, stylistic, and lexical peculiarities. The readings will take place every day over the course of two weeks, with each session lasting 4 hours and including discussions of the text.

Learn Persian through Qabus-Nameh
from Feb 05, 2024 to Feb 09, 2024
1 week

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Week 1

Throughout the first week of the course, participants will be introduced to the Qabus-nāme. Alongside our text reading, we will provide comprehensive grammatical and lexical explanations. These explanations will be discussed and expanded upon to ensure that participants feel confident in their ability to engage independently with the text. Following this, we will encourage participants to undertake more independent textual analysis. It's worth noting that the chapters will be studied in the order presented in the book, without grouping them by specific topics or other criteria. This week's readings will encompass the following chapters: Introduction; Chapter VIII - The Wise Counsels of Nushinrawān; Chapter IX - On Old and Young Age; Chapter XI - On the Right Manner of Drinking Wine; Chapter XII - On Accepting Guests and Being a Guest.