Upper Elementary Russian Syllabus

Each of our daily lessons is a comprehensive blend of listening, reading, grammar, conversation, and exercises. We place significant emphasis on listening, as understanding unadapted live speech is a crucial skill in foreign language learning. Equally, we prioritize speaking to ensure active language use. Our lessons utilize original materials, which are meticulously analyzed for vocabulary, grammar, and communicative situations. To facilitate comprehension, students are provided with preparatory materials for each class. Studying these resources in advance enables more active and effective participation during the lessons.

Everyday Russian

In order to acquire a language, first and foremost importance should be placed on colloquial Russian used on an everyday basis. This week is designed to give you tools to feel confident in your daily routine, along the way you are to enhance grammar skills. After this week topics on personal and family information, shopping, health, hobby, employment will be easy to discuss.